Sedation Dentistry

At Children's Dental, we provide Sedation Dentistry as a service to children with special needs or sensitivities to dental procedures.

Because Sedation Dentistry involves a medical procedure, please read thoroughly this important information.

If you have any questions, please call our Hospital Coordinator, (918) 249-0249.

  • Procedures will be at the Memorial Surgery Center, Hillcrest and Southcrest.
  • You should always allow yourself approximately 4 hours for check-in, procedures and recovery.
  • Our doctors will be performing the procedures and will consult with you before and after the appointment.

We will contact you when your child’s appointment has been scheduled. Please call if you do not hear from the Hospital Coordinator, or if you have any questions or concerns.

The hospital controls the schedule and your appointed date and time are subject to change. We appreciate your cooperation in working with the date and time the hospital schedules for your child.

Pre-Operative Instructions:

Your child may NOT have anything to eat or drink after midnight the night before the procedure. This means absolutely NOTHING in their stomach prior to the appointment, including ice, water, gum, candy, or any other form of food which could cause a life-threatening situation. The procedure WILL BE canceled if they have had anything to eat or drink after midnight. Appointment Confirmation:

  • We will contact you the week before to provide details about the procedure.
  • Please provide at least two numbers where you may be reached. If one or both numbers change, please call and update your numbers.
  • You MUST confirm your child’s appointment the day before, 918-249-0249. If you have not confirmed the appointment, it will be canceled.
Cancellation or No-Show Policy:

Anyone who cancels their appointment less than 24 hours before the scheduled appointment time or does not keep their appointment possibly may not have a second opportunity for another procedure time.

Please be sure you are able to commit to this appointment and be on time. Hospital time is a privilege for which many other children are waiting. To reschedule a late cancellation or no-show will be on a limited basis only.

Commercial/Private Insurance (not SoonerCare)

  • Hospital charges will be billed to your insurance provider by the hospital facility.
  • Dr. Graham’s charges will be billed to your insurance provider by our office.
  • You will be given an estimate prior to the appointment which will include Dr. Graham’s hospital fee of $178 (typically not a covered benefit), and your co-insurance costs for out-of-pocket expense for completing the dental work. This estimate is not a guarantee of charges. The estimated fee must be paid prior to the appointment or it will be canceled.