Children’s Cavity Prevention

Cavities are the most well-known form of tooth decay. A cavity occurs when acids and bacteria erode away enamel to create holes in the tooth.

More About Children’s Cavity Prevention:

Childhood is a vital time to teach routines and habits that will last a lifetime. Taking care of your dental health should start at the earliest age possible. Establishing good oral habits are the best way to prevent cavities and tooth decay.

Many adults avoid going to the dentist because they were never taught that having a dentist review their oral health is important. By teaching your kids early on that the dentist is here to help them can make dentist visits much easier. Dentists can guide your children on proper cavity prevention.

How Can You Prevent Cavities?

  • Brush Regularly
  • Floss Regularly
  • Avoid Certain Foods
  • Go to Routine Dentist Visits

Teaching Your Children About Good Dental Health:

Your Tulsa pediatric dentist can teach your child proper and effective brushing and flossing techniques to remove plaque and tartar. It is important that your child gets in the routine of brushing their teeth twice a day and flossing at night. 

Teach your kids what foods should be avoided to preserve their dental health. Teach them how sugary drinks and candy can contribute to tooth decay. Knowing these facts about certain foods can help your child not only make good oral health decisions, but also good overall health decisions. 

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