The section of the tooth that we can visibly see sticking out of the gum is known as the crown. Crown treatments specifically correlate with this part of the tooth.

More About Crowns:

A tooth is like an iceberg, we only see what peeks up above the surface: however, the tooth roots dive deep under the surface. The “tip of the iceberg” is known as the crown. The crown faces constant attacks from acid, bacteria, and cavities.

The crown treatment is when the kid’s dentist will put a cap over your existing tooth in order to protect it and restore its function. Your crown should feel and look natural as if it were a real tooth. The crown is supposed to function just as a normal tooth would.

Reasons You May Need A Crown

  • A decaying and weak tooth
  • A large cavity
  • To protect a tooth that just underwent a procedure
  • To shelter a discolored tooth

How Will Crowns Affect Your Child?

If your child has a decaying tooth that is causing them much pain, the decay can be removed and a crown placed over the tooth. The crown will act as that tooth, so the sensitive and weakened tooth underneath will not have to face any trauma.

Everyone knows how childhood can be a difficult time. It is sad that children could be bullied or picked on for something like a discolored tooth…but it happens. A crown can be put over the discolored tooth to blend with the others. These are just a few examples of how beneficial crowns can be!

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