Dental sealant is a coating that can be put on teeth to act as a barrier to plaque and tartar. It is usually applied in routine dental exams.

More About Sealants:

Have you ever had to put sealants around your windows or on areas of your plumbing? Have you ever had to paint a sealant over a fresh coat of paint? If so, then you know how effective sealants can be. Sealants can stop leaks in plumbing and windows; it can protect and guard art and housing materials for years. Without it, all of these items would waste away and break much more easily.

Sealant has the same effect on your teeth. It coats and protects your teeth, keeping bacteria away from the tooth as well as increasing longevity. Your teeth have natural grooves in them, and this is where cavities like to take root. When sealant is applied, it naturally fills in the grooves of your teeth to block out cavities.

Benefits of Dental Sealant:

  • Can fill in potential cavities
  • Can protect your teeth from bacteria-filled plaque
  • Can last up to a few years
  • Is covered by most insurances

How Does Sealant Help My Child?

Sealants can help your child in a number of ways. Children aren’t always known to be the most efficient at cleaning their teeth; this makes them more susceptible to cavities and gum disease. Sealants will provide that extra fight to bacteria and acids coming against them. It will seal out plaque and tartar and keep their teeth clean.

Another reason sealants can be good is that it can help the dentist track the progress of your child’s teeth. If a kid’s dentist notices a hole starting to form in a tooth, they can cover the tooth with a clear sealant. This will allow them to track and actually see the progress to make sure the hole doesn’t get worse.

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