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Choosing a Tulsa Kids Dentist: What to Look For

When it comes to your kids, we know you want only the best. This includes the dentist they visit! Unfortunately, going to the dentist is often a traumatizing experience for small children. As Tulsa’s Top Kids Dentist, we aim to change that negative experience. In fact, many of our small clients even look forward to their next visit to our office!

Tulsa's #1 Kids DentistWhy is Children’s Dental Health Center Tulsa’s Best Kids Dentist? There are many qualities that set our dental practice above the rest. Our high-quality dental care combined with our fun environment creates an experience that everyone in the family will enjoy. In addition to this, our dentists are trained to treat children of all ages, including those with special needs. Because of this, you can be sure that your child is in good hands while they are in our care.

Choosing a dentist for your child is no small feat. We take our job very seriously. Your child’s oral health has an impact on their overall health and development! Today, we would like to share a few of the reasons Children’s Dental Health Center is known as Tulsa’s Best Kids Dentist, and some of the qualities you should look for when choosing a kids dentist if you live outside of the Tulsa area.

Tulsa Kids Dentist Services

One of the reasons Children’s Dental Health Center is known as Tulsa’s Best Kids Dentist is the wide variety of pediatric dental services we offer. Choosing a dentist that specializes in numerous areas of dental care will save you the unnecessary trouble of finding a specialist for a dental need that may arise.

Children’s Sedation Dentistry

If your child has had a negative dental experience in the past, visiting the dentist is likely to trigger anxiety. In many cases, these nerves create a tense and emotional situation making it harder for the dentist to do their job effectively. Because of this, we are proud to offer children’s sedation dentistry. 

We use Nitrous Oxide, commonly known as laughing gas, for our sedation dentistry procedures. This process will not put your child to sleep. Instead, it simply calms their nerves and dulls any sensitivity they may have to pain. This process is done in our office, making a quick and effective dental procedure pleasant for everyone involved.

At Children’s Dental Health Center, we have found that sedation dentistry is a great option for children with anxiety or low pain tolerance. In addition to this, it is also extremely beneficial to children with special needs or those who have trouble sitting still. Choosing sedation dentistry when needed can make visiting the dentist a much more pleasant experience for your child. 

Dental Cleanings and Exams

One of the most important things you can do to ensure your child’s dental health is to take them to their bi-annual cleanings and exams. As Tulsa’s #1 Kids Dentist, we strive to make this experience one that your child will look forward to! Creating a fun and engaging atmosphere allows your child to feel comfortable while they are in our office. This creates the opportunity to teach them about proper oral care habits while they are still young, something they will carry with them for the rest of their lives.

There are many other dental services in which Children’s Dental Health Center specializes. You can find a thorough listing of our many services here. Our extensive service list is just one of the reasons we are known as Tulsa’s #1 Kids Dentist.

Pediatric Dental Team

Children’s Dental Health Center would not have the title of Tulsa’s Best Kids Dentist if it wasn’t for our incredible team. Each member of our staff is highly trained in their unique field. They take great pride in constantly improving in order to provide a better dental care experience for your family. 

Our team of dentists are committed to treating your child like their own. Because of their extensive training and experience in pediatric dentistry, they are aware of the unique dental needs of your child. We are proud to work with a team of dentists like the ones that call Children’s Dental Health Center their home. 

The dental assistants, hygienists, and office staff play a crucial role in our practice. As the first people that will greet your family, they are the ones that create such a welcoming and enjoyable atmosphere. Their kind personalities along with their excellence in dental treatment provide a top-notch experience. The strong team at Children’s Dental Health Center is proud to claim the title of Tulsa’s #1 Kids Dentist.

Advanced Pediatric Dental Technology

Dental technology is constantly changing. One of the ways we set ourselves apart as Tulsa’s #1 Kids Dentist is by staying on the cusp of the latest advancements in dental technology. In addition to this, we are always looking for ways to pursue higher education opportunities. This allows us to provide your child with the most effective and efficient means of dental care.

Pediatric dentistry differs from traditional dentistry in the procedures and tools that are used for your child’s dental care. Because our office specializes in pediatric dentistry, you can be sure that your child’s comfort will always be at the forefront of our decisions. Unique tools and specialized treatments designed specifically for children create the ideal pediatric dental experience.

Visit Tulsa’s #1 Kids Dentist

Your child’s oral health plays a big role in their development. Unfortunately, many parents neglect this crucial area of health because it creates too much stress for their child. As Tulsa’s #1 Kids Dentist, we are proud to offer an experience that will change the stigma around your child’s dental visits. 

At Children’s Dental Health Center, we specialize in providing high-quality dental care for children of any age. We are also proud to specialize in dental care services for children with special needs. We offer a wide range of pediatric dental services. This gives you the confidence in knowing that we will be able to easily and effectively treat any dental need that arises. Let us partner with you in providing your child with the dental care experience they deserve. Call us today to schedule your child’s appointment with Tulsa’s #1 Kids Dentist! 

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