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Tulsa Children’s Braces | Children’s Dental Health Center

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Children’s Dental Health Center serves the Tulsa area with dental and orthodontic services for children. They provide Tulsa children’s braces, crowns and fillings, dental exams, and pediatric sedation dentistry.

Braces are something that people will need, regardless of age. Braces are meant to properly align teeth as well as correct bites. Dentists will recommend braces once the patient’s permanent teeth have all come into place. It is better to get braces as a youth compared to an adult in order to avoid a time of an incorrect bite or misaligned teeth.   If your orthodontist has recommended getting Tulsa children’s braces for your kid, you will want to prepare yourself and your child. Braces can be daunting, but their benefits are life-changing. 

Here is a list of things to consider for Tulsa children’s braces:Tulsa Children's Braces | Children's Dental Health Center

What is the Process?

Knowing the process for Tulsa children’s braces is important. The process consists of regular orthodontist visits, brace tightenings, sore teeth, and eventually a nice smile and correct bite. Braces aren’t just something that is put in your child’s mouth and everything continues as normal. You kid’s diet will change; they have to avoid sticky and gummy food as it can affect the dental work. Flossing and brushing will have to be enforced as it is essential to have clean teeth as braces are known to trap food particles. Trapped food particles can cause cavities and tooth decay.

It is important to visit with your orthodontist and discuss the plan and process for Tulsa children’s braces. Your orthodontist can give you an estimated timeframe that your child will need braces. This timeframe can always change if the progress has not been met.

No Pain, No Gain

Tulsa children’s braces are going to shift the teeth of your child’s mouth, so soreness is to be expected. It is important to be aware of this when preparing meals and expecting your child to eat certain things. 

Since there will be metal in your child’s mouth, sores can form if the metal is rubbing their gums or cheeks. Orthodontists will provide wax to cover the metal bits that stick out so as to not hurt the child. However, if your kid is having serious issues, it’s important to let your orthodontist know. They may have to clip the metal down. Remind your kid that when it is all over, their smile will look better.

It Is Worth It

Many people don’t think that the expense, pain, and hassle of Tulsa children’s braces are worth it…but it is. Once the braces come off, your child will have confidence in their smile. The braces will have worked to correct their bite, so chewing food and pronunciations may be so much easier. Braces may seem like a long process, but compared to how your child will be affected by it for the rest of their life, it should be considered an investment.

If you are looking for an orthodontist for Tulsa children’s braces, Children’s Dental Health Center is here to assist you in this investment. Their patience and compassion for children and youth are what makes them the number one choice for a pediatric dentist in Tulsa.

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